Transformative Times
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Imagine organisations working together to heal our planet

Transformative Times is a research platform for different companies and organizations to work together towards new futures.

Based on systemic and transition thinking, we help pioneering leaders and their teams leapfrog to the next economy. We forge temporary alliances between non-competitive organizations to research together new visions, solutions and economical models.

Our Model

Research turned into Expeditions

We offer companies and organizations temporary programs to the frontiers of planetary matters and we return with opportunities to shape shifting their business future.

Transformative Times Methodological Model

Expeditions turned into an academy of opportunities

Make your team join a cohort of researchers and their methods, to temporarily live, embody and experience the research, insights and their results. Bring it all back to your organization.

Opportunities at a shared cost

Inspired by open innovation platforms, the total cost of the research is divided by the members of the expedition.
Making each organisation pay only a fraction of what a normal research project would cost.


Rethinking Foods Pilot Program

Research pilot of how memory affects food consumption.

6min video

This is what each expedition delivers

A full sector analysis based on systemic colligion principles. From a innovation research question we go deep in a particular field.

Drivers of Change

Deep Research on the culture and technology changing our near future horizon.

Drivers of Futures

Immersive research that reshapes the perception of what is predicted, supported by systemic thinking tools.

Immersive Visioning

Research of historical patterns and behaviors from our species to understand how they affect new products and services.

New Systems

Identification of new systems, patterns, behaviours and creation of new value propositions.

Open call

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