We are here to build
a new economy.
A flourishing green one.

We do it based on our unique methodology and regenerative principles, bringing a semiosis between the present and the future, making us a step closer to a place we want to be.

The New Tomorrow

We believe inequality, climate change and disruptive technologies will demand a permanent readjustment of our systems. These are the pillars of the uncertain world we have ahead.
Our mindset to address this issue is to look at planetary challenges not as burdens but as opportunities for reforming our systems.


A new paradigm of Innovation

Our model responds to a more connected but fragmented world that needs a systemic perspective and tools to navigate these new times.
Seeing what humans create not as islands but rather as archipelagos of transformation, ultimately developing their own ecosystems.

Expeditions that place pioneers together

For each expedition we assemble a curated team of pioneering minds who hold all the pieces together and conduct the core research. Only then do expedition members join in, making an intersection of knowledge, skills and visions.

Our Roadmap to the Future

Under new systems, collaborations, and investments, we are reinventing how we sustain, relate, and live.

Time to Sustain

Our systems brought great prosperity to our age, but much of it is thanks to consuming more than what they can replace.
This studio focus on everything that deals with the process of keeping and nurturing, in sustainable ways, living and non-living beings.

Food Systems, Energy systems, Production systems, Agricultural Systems

Time to Relate

Language and communication are some of humanity’s great achievements. It allowed us to get together and relate to each other. But how do we come together in a society we all wish to live in?
This studio re-thinks all the interaction activities that we have with the elements that surround us.

Future of work, Future of Learning, Future of Love

Time to Live

Society is formed by invisible forces that shape our environment.
This studio focuses on all the invisible systems that contribute to the social construction of our societies.

New Trading models, Spaces and Cities, New Governance